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Cambridge Vocabulary

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It’s a very funny educative game. It motivates children to learn English with lots of activities. It’s organized by Cambridge Exam way. It’s used to prepare the level “STARTERS”. This is the first Cambridge exam. Cambridge ESOL is the most important exams around the world. Every year, more than one and a half million of candidates do these exams in 130 countries.There are lots of Apps for children to learn vocabulary. But they are not able to make children enjoy and learn in a very organized way. That’s the reason this game is done. It’s made with primary teachers and Cambridge oral examiners knowledge. So they know the pedagogy and the needed techniques to learn and enjoy.It focuses on the basic linguistic skills: speaking and spoken interaction, listening comprehension, reading and writing. The children listen, read, written and even speak.There are 326 words organized in 15 items in a Cambridge way in the full version.Parents can follow the children results thanks to a shields classification.
This App is for maximum 4 users.
It’s demonstrated than children are attractive and motivated by this App. It’s an easy way to learn vocabulary. It’s clear; children prefer playing with a tablet or mobile phone than using just pencil and paper to study. Parents are very satisfied.
We recommend: ”Starters version” should be used as the base to the others exams: Movers, Flyers and Ket.(A1,A2)
We invite you to know more about the Cambridge exams:
Movers and Flyers Versions are coming soon.